Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Youth Dental Care

Children's Dentistry Waterbury CTOur Goals for Your Child
Our goal is to help our young patients keep their natural teeth for a lifetime by teaching daily dental care and better dietary choices.

It is a fact that children's teeth are more prone to cavities than adults. Children need supervision at home when cleaning their teeth. Often times, they miss back areas or grooves in teeth or simply do not do a good job when brushing. They also tend to eat more often, grazing throughout the day. Any time you eat, acid is produced in the mouth to help digest the food, but it also contributes to decay of tooth enamel. If teeth are not cleaned properly when brushing, exposure to more acid will increase the rate of cavity development.

When better dental hygiene and healthier food choices are made, the chances for decay are lessened. We also recommend application of a mineralizing fluoride varnish to children's and adolescent's teeth. This has been proven to be effective in protecting their teeth. It is a quick, easy, and safe treatment.

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