Monday, 24 November 2014

Six Month Smiles

Clear Dental Braces Waterbury CT - Six Month SmilesStraight Teeth in Just Months!
Don't think because you are an adult you can't straighten your teeth. If you worry about the appearance of metallic braces, or can't commit to long-term treatment times, we may have a suitable alternative for you.

Six Month Smiles™ is a revolutionary idea that changes only the teeth that are visible in your smile. It is an accelerated technique that takes care of gaps, overlapping, and crowding in six months or less! Another advantage is they are hardly noticeable. The brackets are clear with white or clear wires. This is a quick method that is comfortable, using a low-force method. It is easy to keep teeth clean during such a short treatment time.

What could possibly top all that off? Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than traditional braces, veneers, or aligners. It is just that easy now to have a smile full of straight teeth.

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